Operations Performance Improvement

Operations Performance Improvement

Operations Performance Improvement graphAt STORM Consulting, LLC, our management experience spans both good and poor business environments.  We have successfully navigated through the issues and challenges prevalent in today’s business environment.  We work with management and help guide them to the appropriate actions and execute plans to achieve their performance goals. The key is getting STORM involved early when time and alternatives are available to develop and implement successful action plans.

STORM possesses an extensive resource library of proven business improvement processes, tactics, and strategies that can be adapted and rapidly implemented to improve business performance in a variety of situations.  The ability to rapidly assess issues and deploy proven solutions is part of the value STORM brings to your assignment.

A key component to management and business success is having effective compensation and incentive plans deployed and aligned across the organization.  STORM utilizes a balanced approach that emphasizes objective goals to evaluate management performance and achievement.  Incentive plans must be designed and aligned to support both the short term and long term strategic positioning of the company to ensure management is not focusing on one aspect of the business to the exclusion of others.  This ultimately leads to responsible actions that ensure the organization’s long-term growth and survival.



Operations Performance Improvement Services

  • Sales Force Management & Incentive Compensation
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Pricing, Profitability, & Cash Improvements
  • Product Rationalization & Customer strategies
  • New Product Development, Planning & Execution
  • Supplier Review & Negotiations
  • Supply Chain Improvement
  • Infrastructure Improvement & Risk Mitigation Actions
  • Forecast & Business Model Review