Management Assessment, Coaching & Development

Management Assessment, Coaching & Development

managementIn many cases, the senior management team may lack the firsthand experience in dealing with the complex operational issues they are facing.  Often, this lack of experience results in a management being focused on treating symptoms instead of resolving underlying core business and process issues.  After identifying the fundamental issues surrounding poor performance, we quickly take action by rolling up our sleeves and working with managers on an operational level to accelerate results. We never sit on the sidelines and make theoretical recommendations on what management should do.

Without a clear focus on goals and execution, management teams are often consumed with “tasks and activities” that do not lead to tangible results. STORM Consulting, LLC works directly with the management team to ensure stakeholder and management goals are aligned and clearly understood to focus on achieving meaningful results. This includes coaching management on how to approach decision making and move quickly to achieve results.



Management and Team Development Services

  • Supplemental Management to accelerate results
  • Executive & Team Coaching
  • Management Incentive Plan Development & Implementation


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