Emergence from Bankruptcy

Emergence from Bankruptcy

Emergence from Bankruptcy graphToo often bankruptcy is viewed as a financial restructuring and not a unique opportunity to resolve significant operating and legacy issues that are risks to the future success and value of the business. A significant number of our assignments involve working with companies prior to bankruptcy emergence and during the critical months immediately after to achieve a rapid and sustained recovery in financial and operational performance.

Pre-Emergence Assessment and Planning to ensure major issues impacting future operations have been identified and addressed.  Ensuring a company is properly positioned from a structural, management, and operational perspective is critical to ensuring achievement of the emergence plan. STORM Consulting, LLC assesses the operational aspects of the reorganized business to enhance the company’s ability to execute and achieve their post-emergence goals.

100 Day Plan- Post Bankruptcy Action Planning– A well-thought-out action plan with timely execution is critical to ensure the business rapidly shifts its focus to that of a successful, accountable, and execution-oriented business. STORM Consulting’s 100 day post-bankruptcy action plan is designed to provide a clean and rapid break from negative Chapter 11 environments and mind-sets that often permeate an organization.


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Emergence from Bankruptcy Services

  • Pre emergence planning and opportunities assessment
  • Post emergence plan execution and business improvements
    • Customer communication and engagement actions
    • Vendor and customer emergence actions
    • Clearly defined company and individual goals and objectives
    • Pricing and profitability strategies and tactics
    • Culture of the business and need for change
    • Infrastructure improvement and risk mitigation strategies
    • Management approval and control structures
    • Compensation and incentive structures supporting business performance objectives
    • Break-even reductions to ensure the business achieves bottom line objectives