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Business Due Diligence, Reorganization & Restructuring

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What made a company great in the past is not necessarily what will keep it there, especially when it faces external factors that rapidly change the rules of the game.  STORM Consulting, LLC takes the time up front to identify and understand the key factors for success in a given industry and considers how the organization is structured to address these factors.  We work with management and the owners to enhance areas of weakness so the business can capitalize on its strengths.

Understanding the company’s business model and the operational details of the business are critical in assessing capital risk, potential opportunities, and overall value of a business. This is especially true when making decisions about cyclical businesses, marginal operations, or in crisis situations.  This is where STORM’s expertise in operational due diligence can assist you in making the right decision and avoiding the pitfalls of deploying capital in high risk situations.  In assessing additional investment and restructuring opportunities we include such factors as:




Business Reorganization and Restructuring Services

  • Management team integration and transition
  • Internal opportunity and abilities assessment
  • Customer and supplier strategic alliances
  • International expansion
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Business plan evaluation and execution issues enhancements
  • Exit strategies